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Hand crafted ceramics local to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 


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Chris Sahene

Greetings. My name is Chris Sahene and I am  a ceramic artist local to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My passion is to create functional art. I am inspired by the celebratory spirit that is created when people come together over a meals or celebrated occasion. Please take a look and drop me a line if you would like.

A little about me

   I was introduced to clay at age 16 but had explored many artistic mediums before settling on pottery. After pursuing painting, fiber arts, event production, graphic design and photography I found the perfect avenue for my creative expression. I spent a few years learning from highly skilled potters. I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has earned my Bachelors of Applied Arts from Point Park University. Later I decided to pursue independent work. My passion is to create ceramic pots, platters and drinking vessels for everyday use. 

My work

Clay is the inspiration itself. It’s natural beauty and character inspire each piece.  I am also influenced by ancient Japanese pottery as well as natural and architectural elements. I like working with different types of clay. Exploring their different qualities and personalities is a joy.   

“ Let the clay be the clay “